Window cleaning in the Adirondacks is a must for you to fully benefit from the beautiful views, in the comfort of your own home. We offer a variety of professional cleaning and maintenance services to suit your individual needs and budget, serving both Commercial and residential clients.

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"We highly recommend ADK Window Cleaning. He is very professional and has the latest equipment. He did an excellent job and we would hire him again with no hesitation." - The Millers Ticonderoga

Best In The Adirondacks

Services We Offer

Window Cleaning

We offer a regular service which is once or twice annually, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly for commercial clients, or a one-off clean. You choose whether to have exterior windows only cleaned, or both interior and exterior. All cleans include the cleaning of the glass itself, and exterior cleans always include the cleaning of frames and sills, as for interior cleans they also include the brushing out of loose debris from sills and tracks. Screen removal and cleaning will cost a little more. Storm windows will also be an additional cost. We also offer specialist cleans such as post construction cleans.

Gutter Cleaning

We remove all debris, moss, and leaves from your gutters and then ensure all downspouts are unblocked and clear. We can even repair leaks. We also clean the outside of the gutters to give them that shiny new look.

Carpet Cleaning

Bring your carpets, rugs, and upholstery back to life with our professional carpet cleaning service. This preserves the life of your carpets, kills bacteria and leaves them fresh and clean. We also provide stain and odor removal.

Pressure Washing

Bring your driveway, paths, decking, and other areas back to new, with our quality pressure washing services. If your plastic siding is looking tired and dirty, let us put the life back into it, bringing it back to "like new" condition.

And More

We also clean solar panels and can do other odd cleaning and fixing jobs.


Best Technology

What We Use

The world of window cleaning has certainly changed since my Granddad started out in 1968. The techniques, safety, and efficiency have all improved significantly. Here at ADK Window Cleaning, we use the latest tried and tested technology in the window cleaning industry. This is known as the "Pure Water Fed Pole System", or the "Reach and Wash System". Used and loved in England since 2010, it is the best and most proven method in the world to clean exterior windows.

Benefits of Our Technology

What Makes Us Different

Environmentally Friendly

Our method uses only Pure Water, filtered by us. This means the water contains nothing - no chemicals, no minerals - it is completely pure. Pure water is the only water that dries perfectly, leaving nothing behind, to give those windows the perfect shine.


All work can be performed from ground level using carbon-fiber extension poles to reach heights of 50ft plus. This means there is much less risk of damage to your property, or to ourselves. Areas like roofs and hard to reach windows are no longer an issue for health and safety.

All Frames & Sills Cleaned

We always clean all the frames and sills first, ensuring the best results and finish. All done from ground level.

Stays Cleaner, Longer

We have found this to be the case against traditional methods of window cleaning ensuring your beautiful view lasts and lasts.

About Us

Who We Are

My name is Nathan Murray, the owner and operator of ADK Window Cleaning. Here at ADK Window Cleaning, we have been cleaning windows and offering other high quality cleaning services for over 10 years. Yes, we are new to the Adirondacks, but we are experts in the cleaning industry. 

Window cleaning started with my Granddad as a family business back in the green hills of old Derbyshire, England, in 1968. This legacy has continued to this very day, still in Derbyshire and expanded to Cheshire, England, where the business remains in the Murray family, now operated by my 2 brothers. I was also part owner of the family business until moving here to the Adirondacks, in upstate New York. I moved here to marry my wonderful wife Brandie, a local of the Adirondacks.

Having a love for the work I have always done, it was a simple decision to continue the family legacy here in New York. With years of experience and years of happy customers, we want to bring the same quality and expertise to the people of New York. We are confident that you will be delighted with our window cleaning and other cleaning services.